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  1. Tuf Wear Classic Brown Leather Top to Bottom Ball (Floor to Ceiling Ball)


    (RRP £74.99) Save £17.00

    One Size

  2. Tuf Wear Classic Brown Leather Uppercut Bag


    (RRP £214.99) Save £45.00

    One Size

  3. Tuf Wear PU Angle Punchbag


    (RRP £76.99) Save £12.00


  4. Tuf Wear Classic Brown Leather Speed Ball


    (RRP £49.99) Save £12.00


  5. Tuf Wear Leather Wall Target


    (RRP £249.99) Save £50.00

    One Size

  6. Tuf Wear Hide Leather Maize Bag


    (RRP £209.99) Save £60.00


  7. Tuf Wear Junior 2ft Punchbag Kit with Gloves


    (RRP £39.99) Save £10.00

    One Size

  8. Tuf Wear Kids Junior Boxing Set


    (RRP £22.99) Save £8.00

    One Size

  9. Tuf Wear Leather Uppercut Spring Bag


    (RRP £159.99) Save £35.00

    One Size

  10. Tuf Wear Punch Bag Blue Large Vertical Logo 4FT (122 CM)


    (RRP £74.99) Save £23.00


  11. Tuf Wear Punch Bag Red Large Vertical Logo 4FT (122 CM)


    (RRP £74.99) Save £23.00


  12. Tuf Wear 38cm Water Punch Bag


    (RRP £109.99) Save £15.00


  13. Tuf Wear 46cm Water Punch Bag


    (RRP £129.99) Save £25.00


  14. Tuf Wear 55cm Water Punch Bag


    (RRP £169.99) Save £35.00


  15. Tuf Wear Punch Bag Black Large Vertical Logo 4FT (122 CM)


    (RRP £74.99) Save £23.00


  16. Tuf Wear Punch Bag Black Large Vertical Logo 3FT


    (RRP £54.99) Save £10.00


  17. Tuf Wear Classic Brown Quilted Leather Punchbag 122cm (4FT)


    (RRP £329.99) Save £99.00

  18. Tuf Wear Gigantor Classic Brown Hide Leather Punchbag 140CM (4' 6) APPROX 65KG


    (RRP £569.99) Save £171.00

  19. Tuf Wear Classic Brown Leather Angle Bag


    (RRP £329.99) Save £90.00

  20. Tuf Wear Gigantor Hide Leather 65KG Punchbag


    (RRP £439.99) Save £132.00

  21. Tuf Wear Junior Punchball Stand with Gloves


    (RRP £36.99) Save £9.00

  22. Tuf Wear Classic Brown 4ft Hide Leather Punchbag (122cm)


    (RRP £309.99) Save £80.00

  23. Tuf Wear Classic Brown Leather Wrecking Ball (Large Maize Bag)


    (RRP £289.99) Save £87.00

  24. Tuf Wear Punch Bag Black Large Vertical Logo 5FT (153 CM)


    (RRP £79.99) Save £20.00

  25. Tuf Wear Hide Leather Speedball


    (RRP £39.99) Save £11.00

  26. Tuf Wear Leather Reaction Ball


    (RRP £49.99) Save £12.00

  27. Tuf Wear Leather Top and Bottom Ball (Floor to Ceiling Ball)


    (RRP £62.99) Save £13.00

  28. Tuf Wear 4FT Leather Punchbag Black Red


    (RRP £249.99) Save £75.00


Browse the huge range of punching bags from Tuf Wear and make every punch count! We have an extensive selection of bags designed for a wide variety of fighting styles. From boxing training to MMA, every fighter can find something to improve their performance at Tuf Wear.

Our great collection of punching bags for sale is perfect for both serious boxers and those who are just starting out. They are ideal for perfecting your punch and getting regular practice in when you don’t have easy access to another opponent. Bags are essential for any individual or club, as they allow you to practice any technique. Plus, they offer an intense workout at the same time. Check out the full range of boxing punching bags from Tuf Wear today!


Our complete collection of bags comes in a variety of styles and colours to suit every boxer. Featuring barrel bags, spring bags, angle bags and beyond, we have more than just the classic bag style. Our bags are manufactured using premium materials, with hard-wearing outers to make sure they last as long as you do. You can choose from styles of leather or PU leather bags, depending on your requirements. Our punching bags for sale also undergo a rigorous quality check to make sure no sharp objects have entered the bag during creation.

We offer a top choice of colours too. As well as classic black and red, our brown boxing bags have proved very popular too. Our range isn’t just suitable for adults either. Tuf Wear additionally delivers a junior range of kids’ punching bags for your mini professionals who are learning the ropes!

Don’t forget our excellent assortment of boxing speed balls and water bags too. They’re ideal for when you’re ready to take your training to the next level.


Browse the full range of bags from Tuf Wear today and find low prices, top quality and unbeatable value when you shop with us. If you’re looking for more deals, then don’t miss out on our huge Boxing & MMA Sale. We have huge discounts on boxing punching bags and more – only while stocks last!