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Discover a fantastic selection of essential boxing protective equipment at Tuf Wear. We offer brilliant protective gear that will help to keep you safe during training and sparring, without weighing you down or limiting your agility and performance.

Boxing is certainly a great sport for your body, but training can also be dangerous — both for the boxer and the coach — without the right protection. Here at Tuf Wear, we have an extensive selection of equipment that will provide an additional layer of protection during sparring and training sessions, including headgear, body protectors, and groin guards.

All of our protective equipment has been designed to add an extra line of defence, cushioning blows and helping to keep vulnerable and injury prone body parts, like the face, head, stomach, and groin, as safe as possible. Each one uses tough, durable leather and layers of shock-absorbing padding to help reduce the impact of power shots and long combinations on the body. Our boxing protective gear is designed to be as lightweight as possible, so you can stay nimble and light on your feet during sparring.

While it’s never possible to be completely protected during a combat sport like boxing, wearing high-quality safety gear can certainly reduce the risk of an accident or injury, and the styles you see here are some of the best around.

If you’re looking for more quality protective gear, you might also be interested in our ranges of pads and shields that will ensure training is as safe as possible. We’ve also got hook and jab pads and boxing paddles that will improve your speed and aim.

Shop the collection of protective boxing equipment to find the right gear for you today.