Tuf Wear Hide Leather Punch Bag 3.5FT



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This Tuf Wear Leather 3.5FT Punchbag punch bag features a high quality hide leather outer, filled with shredded fabric. A 2.5cm thick foam jacket separates the leather outer and inner fabric, giving an even and neat look to the bag and more importantly offers increased shock absorbency for less stress on hands, wrists and elbow joints.
A metal ring is fitted to the underside of the bag allowing it to be attached to the floor. The punchbag is split in colourway with one side in black and one in red.
– Cow hide leather punchbag
– 3.5FT in length
– Pre-filled weighing approx 30kg
– Requires a 4 hook chain (sold separately)
– Tuf Wear branded


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