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  1. Tuf Wear Leather Skipping Rope with Wooden Handle


    (RRP £14.99) Save £3.00


  2. Tuf Wear Black Single Mouthguard


    (RRP £1.99) Save £0.40


  3. Tuf Wear Clear Single Mouthguard


    (RRP £1.99) Save £0.40


  4. Tuf Wear Wire Skipping Rope


    (RRP £9.99) Save £2.00


  5. Tuf Wear 2 Minute Amateur Gym Wall Clock


    (RRP £349.99) Save £70.00

    2 minute

  6. Tuf Wear Heavy Duty Wall Folding Wall Bracket (86cm Arm)


    (RRP £119.99) Save £36.00

    86cm arm

  7. Tuf Wear Standard Bag Chains 4 Hook


    (RRP £14.99) Save £5.00

    4 hook

  8. Tuf Wear Standard Bag Chains 6 Hook


    (RRP £18.99) Save £6.00

    6 hook

  9. Tuf Wear Heavy Duty 6 Hook Chains


    (RRP £54.99) Save £17.00

    6 hook

  10. Tuf Wear Heavy Duty 4 Hook Chains


    (RRP £39.99) Save £10.00

    4 hook

  11. Tuf Wear Anchor Bag


    (RRP £44.99) Save £24.99

  12. Tuf Wear Heavy Duty Ceiling Hook with Swivel


    (RRP £19.99) Save £6.00

  13. Tuf Wear Standard Wall Bracket


    (RRP £34.99) Save £11.00

  14. Tuf Wear Pro Speedball Platform with Swivel


    (RRP £94.99) Save £20.00

  15. Tuf Wear Hide Leather Holdall


    (RRP £89.99) Save £44.99

  16. Tuf Wear Spare Bungy Cord Bottom


    (RRP £14.99) Save £5.00

  17. Tuf Wear Spare Floor to Ceiling Bladder


    (RRP £6.99) Save £2.00

  18. Tuf Wear Spare Speedball Bladder


    (RRP £5.99) Save £2.00

  19. Tuf Wear Alloy Handle Leather 9FT Skip Rope


    (RRP £27.99) Save £8.00

  20. Tuf Wear 2FT Fixed Wall Bracket with Loop


    (RRP £27.99) Save £5.00

  21. Tuf Wear Heavy Duty Wall Folding Wall Bracket (69cm Arm)


    (RRP £64.99) Save £20.00


  22. Tuf Wear Key Ring


    (RRP £1.99) Save £1.00

  23. Tuf Wear Pro Style Waterbottle with Straw 1000ml


    (RRP £6.99) Save £2.00

  24. Tuf Wear Speedball Spare Ball Bearing Swivel


    (RRP £14.99) Save £5.00

  25. Tuf Wear Standard Ceiling Hook


    (RRP £16.99) Save £5.00

  26. Tuf Wear Trainers Towel


    (RRP £9.99) Save £3.00

  27. Tuf Wear 7FT Speed Skip Rope


    (RRP £5.99) Save £2.00


  28. Tuf Wear 8FT Speed Skip Rope


    (RRP £5.99) Save £2.00



Showing 1 - 28 of 29


Here at Tuf Wear, we know how important boxing accessories are for your training regime! That’s why we supply a wide variety of high-quality boxing training equipment to make sure you get the most from your workouts.

No matter if you’ve just joined a club or are a serious fighter, not every part of your training will be in the ring. In fact, lots of your boxing practice will take place without an opponent. That’s where Tuf Wear comes in. We have an extensive range of boxing accessories for you to up your game. Whether you like to practice at home or in the gym, we’re sure to supply the boxing training gear you need. Check out our full range and start perfecting your punching technique today!


Tuf Wear boxing accessories are designed to fulfil the needs of both amateur and professional fighters. We’re proud to offer the boxing training gear to help you enhance your performance and develop your skills.

First, we have boxing accessories for upping your endurance, speed and strength. Improve your fitness anywhere, anytime with our skipping ropes. Or make those slams count with our toughest medicine balls. You can even keep a record of boxing drills and speed exercises with our electronic gym timers.

In addition, if you want boxing training gear for your own home gym or club, we have accessories like punching bag chains, bungee cords and equipment brackets. It’s simple to fully complete your kit when you shop at Tuf Wear.


Whether you are an individual or a gym, at Tuf Wear you can find everything you are looking for. We have the boxing training equipment for every fighter – always offered for a brilliantly low price. We promise to deliver boxing gear for our very best value. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for, make sure to view more equipment like boxing gloves and punching bags. Plus, don’t forget our clearance for big discounts on our boxing accessories!